Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mobikin Doctor For Android: Recover Deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy

As you all know that android devices are becoming popular day by day and they have become the bestsellers nowadays. Everyone prefer to have a android device rather than an IOS or windows device not to their cost but their features in same price range, android phones are even becoming cheaper than the price of your wrist watch. So its must that everyone love to send messages to their loved ones and save some numbers in contacts( who love to remember numbers, also to shoot videos, capture picture and selfies and at last but not least everyone love to listen to their favorite songs on free time. What will you do if you loose all of them? how will you get back them? For that you can use Mobikin Doctor For Android.
System Requirements :
Required OS : Windows 8 / 8.1 / 7 / XP / Vista
RAM : 512 MB Or More
Processor : 750MHz Intel Or AMD
Required Space : 1 GB Or More

Requirements To Recover Your Lost Data :

  • USB Cable
  • Android Phone
  • Mobikin doctor for Android

Mobikin Doctor For Android Recovers UPTO 8 Types Of Files

It can recover UPTO 8 types of files including the recovery of deleted text messages from Android | deleted videos from Android | deleted music from Android | deleted photos from Android | Contacts | Documents and recovery of lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note is very fast(tested by me.It saves contacts and messages in .TXT and .HTML formats in your computer when you take backup. It saves Music | Videos | Pictures in their original format.
Supported Android Devices
Its a very good data recovery program, Mobikin Doctor. Being a good data recovery software it gives you one more feature that is its compatible with most of the mobile phones. It works well with 2000+ android smart phones, and is tested on more than 200+ devices.It gives a great experience with the mobiles manufactured by Samsung | HTC | Google | Asus | Motorola | LG and so forth.It supports all android version, Android KitKat is also supported.Photos and videos can be restored in an unrooted device but if you want to restore your whole phone then you need to root your device first and then it can be used to restore your whole device.

Preview Detailed Contents Before Recovery
Mobikin Doctor gives you an awesome feature which can help you to save your important time, it provides a preview feature due to which you can select the files you want to recover which will help you to recover indeed files rather than all files. Deleted or lost data is marked in red color where the undeleted items are marked with black color.Preview the deleted contact list and text message and mark all of them which you want to recover. Mobikin Doctor provides a thumbnail view due to which you can easily view your deleted pictures and videos and select them to recover without wasting a lot of time.

Mobikin Doctor Is a 2 In 1 Software

It not only works like a android data recovery software.It also helps us to take backups of our data which make its 2 in 1 software later helps us a lot to save our precious time.It also very beneficial when you lost the SMS from you mobile then in that case it serve the best to recover deleted SMS from SamsungGalaxy.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Download Show Box For Android and PC (Windows 7/8/Xp and Mac)

Show Box is an application which is used to watch movies and other programs in your phone. Mostly people love its extra ordinary interface which is very user friendly that attracts newbies. This app is available for android user but to use it on large screens you have to follow the method show box for pc. According to the request we are writing article about How to Download Show Box for Android and PC.

Features and Functions of the Show Box

We would like to share some the best functions and features of the showbox before going to the tutorial about Download Show box for Android and PC. This wonderful app helps you to watch movies and TV series on your android device or on your desktop. Show box having very less ads, I am not saying its completely ad free app but don't encourage ads which eats viewers time. These features available in both the versions of Show Box( Android Device and TV). Now lets go to the tutorial How to Download Show Box for Android and PC (Windows 7/8/Xp and Mac).

Download Show Box for Android:

Downloading Show Box for Android dead easy, you have to download show box apk file and install it in your smart phone with a single click. Follow the below steps to install show box for android.
  • Download Shox Box APK file.
  • Make a connection between your android device and PC.
  • Move the file to your android device.
  • Click on it by going to file manager and initiate the installation.
  • Wait till it completes the installation.
You have successfully installed show box on your android device and you can enjoy your loving tv series and other movies on your android device with the help of Show Box android app.

How to Download Show Box for PC

You need to have android emulator in your PC to install android apps in your pc so I would like to suggest blue stacks to download and install in your pc before going to install the show box app. After installing the blue stacks go with the below steps.
  • Download Show Box Apk file.
  • Click on the apk file to start installation.
  • once the installation completed, open blue stacks menu.
  • you will find the show box app icon if the installation is successfully completed.
  • Enjoy your tv series and loving movies on your pc with the help of show box.
We hope you people have enjoyed the step by step guide to  Download Showbox for Android and Showbox for PC. If you have any doubts regarding this please comment below and let us help for your queries.
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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Movavi Video Suite Review - Make and Edit Your Memories as Videos

A few days ago, I have watched a video on YouTube which was beautiful and had an awesome effects which caught my attention. So I just analysed about it and came to know that this wonderful video was edited and made by using Movavi Video Suite.
By using this software you can also create attractive videos on your own along with wonderful slideshows of your photos too. You can also add awesome Effects and Transitions in your videos and can make them look more professional. This video editor and recorder is an all in one DVD and video program that provides you more than 5 amazing DVD and video tools in a single package. Edit. Convert. Rip. Save to mobile devices. Download online video. Split. Capture.Burn.Copy. Backup.

Movavi Video Key Functions:

  • Convert any video including HD to any format.
  • Rip, backup and copy unprotected DVDs.
  • Edit videos on the timeline with a choice of powerful video tools.
  • Insert video transitions; add soundtracks and custom text titles.
  • Apply artistic effects, instantly improve video quality.
  • Create stunning photo slideshows.
  • Capture video including HD from MiniDV camcorders and webcams.
  • Split and join video, cut unwanted segments with a single click.
  • Download online videos from YouTube and other websites.
  • Burn data, audio, video CDs and DVDs, create ISO disc images

Movavi Video Suite Detailed Features

Convert Video, DVD and Audio - This video suite supports more than 170 media formats, including DVD and HD which later on you can edit or convert and save into more than 200 formats. After editing you can also upload your videos directly to YouTube and Facebook. You can use Watch Folder to automate conversion of the new media files appearing on your computer to preview the finalized video before conversion.
Watch 2D in 3D – Now a days many monitors and TV sets are launching which have 3D display screen so that you can enjoy your movies more. But if you have a 2D video or movie and you want to watch it in 3D, then Movavi's Video Suite will help you. With this software you can convert any 2D video into 3D. Sounds cool…right?

Play Everywhere - With this tool you can convert your HD videos made for Desktop/Laptops into mobile video format so that you can take it with you everywhere you go. You can save them for more than 200 portable devices including the newest models of Apple iPad and iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony PSP™, BlackBerry™, Nokia™, HTC™ and many more. There are predefined settings specific to each device so that you can convert your videos easily.


This video editor and capturing software is a complete package one can have in his system. The user interface of Movavi Video Suite is simply awesome not just because of its simple and user friendly interface but also because of its features and large buttons that directly indicate what task they perform. You don't have to navigate much as all the features are present from the start screen itself. Movavi Video Suite is very for a child to understand.
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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Telegram for PC/Laptop Free Download (Windows 8.1 and 7)

Telegram for PC : Telegram is also a new messaging app like whatsapp, wechat, bbm, Hike, Kik messenger. This app is available for Smartphone users and it is one of the most emerging message app in the present world. Telegram is available for all mobile platforms which works on the cloud basis system. Cloud basis in the sense all your chat messages are stored in their servers. With the huge success of this wonderful messaging app the developers also planned and launched this version for Desktop and PC's. As per the demand and the request we are writing this article Telegram for PC/Laptop.

Features of Telegram For PC

  • Very secure transmission of your messages using end-to-end encryption method.
  • Easy user interface which makes you to stick to this wonderful app.
  • You can send images, messages, videos with telegram app.
  • The main beauty of this app is we can send 1GB of file which is very high compared to other messaging app.
  • Easy and Quick verification process.
  • Compatible Web version.
  • Directly available for PC's.

Download and Install Telegram for Desktop/Laptop

As mentioned this app is directly available for desktop and PC, so no need to install android emulator, you can directly download the desktop version and can use Telegram for PC by following the below instructions.
  • Visit Telegram official site and download the desktop version.
  • After opening the site, you will find the platforms to select and download go to windows platform.
  • After downloading the setup file initiate installing by clicking on it.
  • after installation finished start the app by opening it.
  • If you are newbie, you have to create a profile.
  • It asks your mobile number to register.
  • It will send you a pin to verify.
  • after verification your done and you can enjoy this wonderful app.
I wish you people understand the process clearly on How to download Telegram on Windows PC/Laptop for free. If you have any queries please comment. I will try to resolve them.

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Friday, 3 October 2014

How to Pass Authority to your Money Site from Event Niche Sites

Once again came up with unique article which can attract bloggers. So I told you in my past articles, I have both success and failure from event niche sites and I have shared only my success story but I want to tell you how my failed event niche blog brought some authority to my site. I want to share it now, I think many people know about this but they don't want to share. That's purely their plan of action and lets come to the point. I told you bloggers behave like spammers at the time of events to rank their event niche sites. But they don't know how to use the link juice which achieved by their weird behaviour. I will show you how to use that link juice to your site which will help you to rank for many keywords with out penalizing your site.

How I Found ??????

I regularly check my DA and PA of my site when update happens. But after failure of my first event niche blog I found it passing some authority to my site, so waited for the next update to check whether this thing can happen again with my second event niche site. Yes the thing perfectly worked well.

What is the Trick behind this??

All of you know about the template that which I use and I think I don't need to give introduction about the template and the person who designed it. While editing the template I found many links which are linking to his site. As a CSE student, I know basics of HTML so I have edited every thing and removed all his links, I found he placed particular article link in several places cleverly with google codes. This is really crazy and then I started thinking about that, why he needs to give particular article url which is related to services. Then I removed it and replaced (Trust me Nothing will happen already I shared this trick with one blogger and he found it very useful)with my main site url. Then I found I get a link from that site with the help of google web master tools and I know I have never placed my link on that site because it could penalize my site as it is not related to my site. I checked each and every post of my site but I never found backlink with anchor text. Then I found that my link is naked url with out anchor text. So I came to know that this is clear trick to get authority from event niche sites and staying on the top like a boss for long period. This is the reason why many bloggers are re-designing some templates and promoting them as responsive templates to steal authority or link juice from you.

How to Place your site URL:

According to me Link can be powerful tool if we use it in a correct manner. So now go to your all Event niche sites and take back up of template and start editing the url's of other sites on your template and replace with some inner url / home page url and save it and check the site after saving. if you edit some code mistakenly you will have the back up template with you. So take back up and check the site for each edited link.
Finally, you may not remove all the links but you can get single link to your site that can boost your DA and PA which will get you some organic traffic with out doing seo.
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Opera Mini for PC/Laptop Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP)

Opera Mini for PC: Opera Mini is one of the best browser for mobile users. It is available for Java, Android, iOS platforms and almost every mobile platforms. Many people suggest this wonderful browser for better browsing experience and for more saving data plan of your internet. With all these wonderful features it has more demand on Opera Mini for PC.
Opera Mini for PC can be downloaded and installed by two ways one is by using android emulator like bluestacks and another method is to download the installation file from the official site of Opera Mini.

 Before Going to the tutorial of How to Download Opera Mini for PC, let me introduce you some features of Opera Mini.

Features of Opera Mini:

  • It increases page load speed and user experience.
  • It has special feature called Opera boost mode which will help you to speed up your internet.
  • It offers many extra add-ons which will help you experience very comfort.
  • If you are a fan of mobile version you will like pc version too.
  • It has many users due to its friendly and loving user interface and satisfactory experience.

How to Download Opera Mini for PC

  1. For the first method of installation you can go with my older posts which are related to apps for pc.
  2. Now I want to go with the second method.
  3. Please go and visit the official site to download the Opera Mini for PC .
  4. Once you finished downloading please click on it and initiate the process of Installation.
  5. Follow the steps to complete the installation successfully.
  6. Now you can have this wonderful and awesome app on your pc.
If you people find any problem with the above procedure please contact us to help you and to guide you. I think you people may love this tutorial about Opera Mini for PC.
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Monday, 15 September 2014

Download UC Browser for PC/Laptop free 2014 (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)

UC Browser for PC: UC Browser is a popular browser in mobiles devices which run with android and IOS. Many people are interested to use it in PC as well, that the reason I want to write this article. So, lets go to the point in a straight way. We are very sure you have been using this wonderful browser on your mobile and now you want to use it on your pc. So lets follow the below guide.
I want to give some brief points about UC browser before going to the tutorial How To Download UC Browser for PC.

Features of UC Browser:

  • You can experience high speed internet surfing with UC Browser.
  • It helps you to access facebook much faster with its additional addon related to Facebook.
  • Due to its wonderful features it has more than 500 Million users around the world.
  • It has very fast and interactive interface which makes users to addict for this wonderful browser.
  • It has night mode feature which will help your eyes in the night.
Lets go to our guide to Download UC Broswer for PC.

How to Download UC Browser for PC

  • Download android emulator like bluestacks to use this wonderful browser.
  • After Downloading and installing Bluestacks, open it and search for UC Browser on its search bar.
  • You will find your loving browser and click on install button to download and install in to your pc.
  • Wait till it completes downloading and installation on your pc.
  • After the completion of installation, go to the dashboard of the bluestacks and you will find its shortcut to use.
  • Open it and enjoy this wonderful browser on your PC.
Now you will have this amazing browser on you pc and enjoy it all the time. If you face any problems with the above procedure please let us know to help you and guide you in a proper way.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Google's 200 Ranking Factors to Rank a Website

Many of us know that google will consider some signals/factors to rank a new website and today I want to share those 200 factors as an infographic which was designed by Backlinko.com and Searenginejournal.com . I think this will probably help many webmasters to know exactly about google factors and they can do some good and ethical seo to boost their site rankings.
We should appreciate the great work of backlinko.com on analysing these factors.Please note that they are assumptions not the exact working factors for google because google is continously changing its algorithm.
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Saturday, 13 September 2014

How to Build Authority to New Website in Short Period (Exclusive Case Study)

Many bloggers(Newbies) are seeking sucking courses to learn and paying $$$ and learning basic things which are available for free and feels like SEO experts and Blogstars(Check the link to know weird thing about this word). But the truth is they are wasting their money and also time and I suggest newbies to go and find their holy grail because no one will teach their element X which will help you to make powerful combination called success. Because people like Amit Agarwal(God of Indian Blogging) and SEO expert like Alex Becker are went with different experiments and found their holy grail with their experience. I want to share my experiences how I build some authority which helps me getting organic traffic even though I dont build backlinks for my articles.

What is Authority??
So lets me share my experiences with some so called pro-bloggers. I asked them what is authority they said authority is nothing just authority to rank. Is that the correct answer??? Perfectly not. Then I realized even these fellows dont know the exact meaning of Authority. Many bloggers(newbies) who are writing some articles about SEO and blogging also dont know what is the exact meaning of Authority. I dont criticize them but I want to know what is authority? but I came to know that authority is website exposure among search engines.
 I dont say that is the exact definition or wording but I want to go in detail. If your site has quality backlinks which seems to be organic among search engines with good social engagement and user engagement as well as good frequency of quality content will create some trust and exposure on search engines which will fetch you organic traffic. I dont want to say about honey moon period because that is completely different from authority because I have experience with that. It will take some time which is unpredictable to say, that your site may fetch good authority or not.

How Authority will Measure among Search Engines??
  • Update Frequency: You have to update frequently with good content that may be unique/ re-written. Because we all know that every day web spiders crawls the website and take the information from our site about updates and index them. So if we update regularly then we can build some trust among those spider bots and they will think that we are updating the content regularly and they feel that they have to visit our site regularly and to index all the information which is going to be updated. This will build some kind of authority related to content.
  • Domain Authority: I got a worst answer from many people about domain authority they said its a kind of authority to domain but they dont know what it is exactly. So Domain authority is the authority which will measure in terms of quality backlinks which you get from high authority sites/Domains (You can refer the above thing about authority).
  • Page Authority: Page Authority is the Authority that measures in terms of high quality backlinks from high quality pages(They will have good DA as well as social engagement and user engagement). So you have to get quality links from quality pages, then you can develop build both DA and PA to your site.
  • Social Engagement: Your website needs to have good social engagement for each and evry article which will develop your rankings among Search engines.
  • User Engagement: You need to engage more user on your site with comments and replies. Thats why many bloggers use Comment Luv enabled comment system and give do follow links, so they may get some comments from fellow bloggers for backlinks. This user engagement also creates good PA and conent authority because if users comment regularly to particular page, spider bots update it regularly and they will find that this page has good user engagement and they will boost the rankings of that page if it has quality content with good On-page SEO and also It will fetch good PA.
  • Link Velocity: You need to get some good links consistently, I dont want you to do spamming lets build some genuine links from comments in fellow bloggers sites and helping others in forums with your articles. If Google finds that your link velocity is good( that means your links are increasing in a systematic way they will have chance to boost your rankings).

How to Build Authority for Your Website:

  1. Directory Submission: Many SEO people suggests to go with directory submission. But will it work??? Of course, but not for all directories. Because Google started considering some directory links as spam so go with good and quality directories. Alltop.com is a reputated directory which give good authority and the result of the Directory Submission is shown in below screen shot. My site fetched good DA with Directory submission and you can check some High PR Quality directories list here.
  2. Link Building: As I mentioned above try to share your opinion on fellow bloggers website which will give you do follow backlinks and never go for more than 2 comments per day and post your link url on forums to help others and to get backlinks to that will help you and also try to get backlinks for naked url's not with anchor text. This will help you alot to develop DA, PA and increase link velocity of your site to boost your authority.
  3. Try to Offer Give Aways: This will help you to create good social and user engagement on your site.
  4. Update your Old Content: This will help you to develop some authority in terms of Content.
  5. Content Frequency: Write in a Systematic way even it is rewritten content and update your site reqularly.

How to Maintain Authority for Your Website

  • Never ever waste the link juice to be flow overly on your site, this will show huge impact.
  • Always use responsive template which is good even for mobile devices to get good traffic.
  • Never ever go with more blog comments/ backlinks to develop authority because that will penalize your site.
  • Please go with Ethical SEO which is good for all.
  • Please don't go with Sitewide links and Foot prints( these things will boost authority but penalize your site).
  • Try to write quality content for users not for search engines, this will make good user engagement and quality visitors from Search engines.
  • Please dont over optimize your articles for search engines.
If you follow the above steps you will get good authority and you can find better results. Try to do some ethical SEO, dont follow and ruin your seo knowledge with spammers suggestions. Recently I wrote some Scrap content like bbm for pc , candy crush saga for pc and some more rewritten articles and I am on 2nd and 3rd page for many targeted keywords with out single backlink for those article this is the how we can get good rankings with good Authority.
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Infolinks Review: Best Google Adsense Alternative Forever

Lets know about the Best Google Adsense Alternative. Many people run behind the adsense but they don't know that many sites are ready to pay more than google adsense and love to serve as soon as we apply to them as a publisher. Now I want to reveal you the awesome ad-network which is popular and considered as Best Google Adsense Alternative. Yes many bloggers earn from adsense but they fed up with the poor service and worst policies of adsense and they will come to know about infolinks and they will start with infolinks along with adsense at same time and even though they loss their valuable adsense account due to its greediness, bloggers are more happy with their infolinks income.

What is Infolinks?? Why it is Called Best Google Adsense Alternative??

 Infolinks is not one of the best, it is the best adsense alternative ad-network for huge traffic sites. So, now you people may ask me that Am I kidding??? or Is it a kind of a joke??? but people dont know the real fact behind the infolinks income infolinks has a capability to pay more than $$ per 1000 visitors based upon the quality of traffic and I know many pro-bloggers who are only using infolinks on their special sites which are designed only to run infolinks ads. I saw their income report and also their CPM rates. This is the real truth and you will get paid only for visitors not for the clicks or conversions. Now you may ask why advertisers of infolinks only pay for CPM with out any conversation. Infolinks has a strong network to get good number of advertisers who are ready to pay $$$$ just for branding and promotion of their brand but not for sales/conversions. But I want to reveal you the real secret behind the CPM technique. Infolinks will display ads on the relevant sites as other ad-network does but it will display based on the country and their standards. For every 1000 visitors we may get atleast 2 sales which is 0.2% of Conversion rate along with good promotion and branding. This the real reason many people are selling good on facebook and infolinks and they say just we are promoting our brand but they have chance of selling goods and also creating a popular brand.

Advantages of Infolinks

  • No minimum traffic requirements, because they love the content and quality of the site not the traffic stats or analytics report.
  • Very Simple and Easy procedure to sign up and to get you account approved within hours.
  • It will support your site SEO as many ad-networks ruin your SEO.
  • High CPM rates compare to other networks so best adsense alternative.
  • It never hurts your page load time which will ruin your rankings.
  • Creative ad units like Inline Ads, Intag Ads, Infold Ads, Inframe Ads.
  • Good and Fast communication with the support team.
  • Highest Revenue Sharing company in the world( Adsense gives about 68%, but Infolinks give 70%).
  • Very flexible payouts.
  • Less Threshold limit where we can mint the money as soon it reaches the threshold.
Check out the CPM Rates of Infolinks:
Check Out The Infolinks Payment Proof
What is My Suggestion??
I want to suggest this awesome cash cow to get good alternate income(Never ever suggested as alternative because see the below screenshot to get fainted with infolinks income) from your sites. Stop using sucking pop ads and space consuming ads which are harm to your site rankings and SEO. Earn money with your traffic in a wonderful and creative way with out disturbing your rankings.


I just want to conclude one thing from above article that is "Infolinks is the best alternative of adsense " as well it paying some good payout. So if your adsense account disabled or not earning good income even though you have decent traffic please follow my tip and join infolinks as soon as possible.

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