Friday, 29 August 2014

How To Root an Android Phone with Easy Working Method

You can find many articles on internet with titles How to Root an Android Phone with out PC. But I want to share the easiest and fastest method to root your android device with out PC. Many people buy android devices to enjoy the apps and many privileges with this awesome OS. But you may feel bad when you don't find Complete authority on your phone. But Rooting an Android Device will give you all the privileges to enjoy.

What Is Rooting and Benefits of Android Rooting:

Android Rooting is the process to get Privileged Control/ Root Access in their android devices like tablets, smart phones and other android devices which are running in Android OS.
  • You can Install special apps which can enhance the performance and speed of your android device which are only compatible after rooting of your android device.
  • You can Update your android device when they launch new version of the OS to enjoy the benefits of updated version which will be more compatible with huge list of free apps.
  • If you dont like the User Interface of your Android device you have a chance to install custom ROM to change the UI of your android device if your root the device.
  • Rooting Automates everything.
  • Rooting makes complete backups of your device.
  • Rooting helps you to track your device even after some one makes a factory reset.

How to Root an Android Phone/Tablet with out PC:

  • Download latest version of Framaroot application on your android devices.
  • Move the Framaroot app to your SD card.
  • Install the app from .apk file which will give show you install button after tapping the file.
  • It shows many options and select "install super user" option.
  • It will shows you six exploits and select any one of them and it will take time to root the device.
  • If the rooting is success it shows Success message, if failed it shows failed message.
I want to share another simple method which will take 3 steps to root your android device. Allow installation of app from unknown sources and then download and install universal androot application. Launch the app and select the correct version of the android device to start rooting. That's it you have rooted your android device in 3 steps with the second process.

Check Android Device Rooting Status:

After the process of rooting using the Root Checker and Simple Root Checker to check the status of your android device.

Note: You have many benefits for rooting your device but if the rooting process is not done properly you device may be bricked and rooted devices don't come under the warranty of the company. So root your devices under your own risk.
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Best Free Antivirus For Windows 8 PC/Laptop (Download)

Download Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8. Microsoft launched Windows 8 Operating System few years back and many of the people who are familiar with Windows OS are using Windows 8 Operating System for its new and updated features. Even though it has a inbuilt antivirus many people are not interested to use it as they want to go for some paid or free version of successful antivirus which are ruling the market and securing your data. For them we have listed the Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8 to Download.

Best Free Antivirus For Windows 8 PC/Laptop :

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014

Bitdefender antivirus is the best antivirus software which is safe and secure to protect your system. It also won the best antivirus of 2013 award because of its security. It scans fast and enhances the system performance by removing the malware and infected files from your computer. It also protects your computer being hacked by some one in the online. It keeps your files and information with maximum protection to avoid hacking of your desktop/laptop.

2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014
Kaspersky antivirus is one of the best antivirus software which is having paid and free versions to secure your information and to safe guard your data with windows 8. It  is expert in dealing with Trojan viruses, worms, spyware. It wants you when you are opening untrusted sites which leads to extract your personal information to hack your computer. It optimizes the battery life of laptop when you are using it in your laptop and this feature makes it king in antivirus world for laptop's.

3. Norton Antivirus
This awesome antivirus software is at no 3 in our best software list. It has the features of the both kaspersky and bit defender. Apart from that it has one additional feature that which makes it unique and get huge users to starve for this awesome software. That is gaming mode, means when you play a game this wonderful software will stops all the idle processes and enhances your gaming experience. This feature makes the software as a king in the minds of game players.

4. AVG Antivirus FREE 2014
This is the best and free software which secures your PC and information in every aspect. It defends all the security problems and warns you in every aspect and it helps to scan fast and to enhance your system performance. It enables safe browsing and warns you when you download malicious/infected file which may harm your computer. It has Firewall security which will enable maximum security for your pc from hackers.

5. Avast Free Antivirus 2014
This is one of the best antivirus softwares and helps us to block phishing scams and also it blocks hackers and it enhances the system performance and it runs risky programs safely and securely and provides maximum protection related to banking and online shopping.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Download BBM for PC/Laptop ( Windows XP/7/8/8.1 and MAC)

Download BBM for PC. BBM means Blackberry Messenger which was previously available for Blackberry users only. Now it is feasible to use in every android mobile. BBM is not announced officially to use in PC but due to its popularity and demand many users want to use it in PC. So we came forward to guide you How to Download BBM for PC running on Windows 7/8/XP.
Their are many guides on internet to guide you about BBM for pc but we guide you in simple way which is effective. We cannot guarantee you about the working of the BBM for PC as we already told you that Blackberry has not officially launched the BBM for PC. But our method will be useful for you to use this messenger in your PC.

Features of BBM:

Already I mentioned about the BBM full form in the introduction paragraph. But I want to share you some features of BBM before we move to BBM for PC Guide.
  • As other messenger apps it also have unlimited messages to send to your loving friends.
  • It has capability to share and send photos and videos to your friends.
  • It has awesome stickers to send to your friends while messaging them.
  • All these features are for no cost.
  • It has clean and friendly Interface which attracts more active users to stick to this awesome app.
  • To chat with friend you need to share your BBM Pin which is unique for every device.
  • Once you share this BBM pin you can chat with your friend.
  • This BBM pin will generated at the time of Verifying your device.

Download BBM for PC:

  • You need to have android emulator to install BBM messenger app.
  • I suggest you Bluestack as it is my favorite one and download and install it in your PC.
  • Search on the bluestack search bar for BBM. 
  • You will find the app and click on the install.
  • It will automatically downloads and installs in your PC so wait till it installs.
  • Once the installation of BBM finishes enjoy the BBM messenger in your PC by using bluestacks.
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Download Instagram for PC/Laptop free ( Windows XP/7/8/ MAC)

Download Instagram for PC. Instagram is most popular photo sharing platform which is owned by facebook. Photo lovers like to install this wonderful application in their devices to share their photo's from their devices. Instagram gives you many additional features to edit your photo and to add some new and awesome effects to your photo. Mobile users can easily download and install this wonderful application from Play store. But if you want to use this app in PC read the guide for Download Instagram for PC.

Features of Instagram:

  • It recently added a new feature to share video of 15 seconds with your friends and followers.
  • It recently achieved a mile stone of 100M+ active users.
  • It has special photo filters which can support on any android mobile.
  • It has special effects where you can apply to your photo to enhance the quality of the photo.
  • You can easily share your photos to facebook, twitter, google+.
  • Instagram has very smooth and easy interface and friendly navigation.
Now lets move to our main guide Download Instagram for PC.

Download Instagram for PC/Laptop:

  • Download Android Emulator and I suggest you to use Bluestack as it is my favorite.
  • Install Bluestack and then search for Instagram in the search bar of Bluestack.
  • Now you will find Instagram application and click on the button install.
  • It will automatically downloads and Installs Instagram in your PC.
  • After the completion of installation you can find the Instagram in your Bluestack.
  • Now enjoy the wonderful Photo sharing app in your PC.
We hope you will follow the guide and if you face any problems while installing please comment and let us help you.
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Download Viber for PC/Laptop Free (Windows 8/7/XP and MAC)

Download Viber for PC. Viber is a instant message app using instead of whatsapp and wechat apps in android world. Viber became very popular for its free messaging and voice call features. Viber initially launched for Android phones and later developed to work on other Operating systems like windows, MAC.

Features of Viber Messaging App

  • Viber is very popular for its free voice and HD video calls.
  • It has every thing just like whats app.
  • But became popular with its free calls system.
  • Viber will support to send unlimited free messages with feature of share images, videos, stickers to your friends while chatting with your friends.

Download Viber for PC

Before downloading viber you need to meet the requirements of the Viber to install in your device.
  • Computer/Laptop with Windows/MAC/Linux OS.
  • Minimum 512 MB Ram.
  • You need to have some free space in your Hard disk.
  • Active Internet connection.

Download and Install Viber for PC Easily

  • Open your browser and visit the Viber site Click Here.
  • After visiting Viber site you can see three different operating systems (Windows, MAC, Linux).
  • Click and Download Viber software for your Desktop which you are feasible with.
  • Then you will be redirected to "Get Viber" button, click on it.
  • After .exe file is downloaded, Click on it and run the software.
  • Now slowly follow the instructions to install the software in your desktop successfully.
  • Enjoy Viber on your PC/Laptop.
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Download Subway Surfers for PC/Laptop Free (Windows 8/7/XP and Mac)

Download Subway Surfers for PC with the help of android emulator and I will teach you the easiest way to install it and play in your PC. Subway Surfers is a popular android game in smart phones world. Many people enjoy it in their phone while playing but what about the people who don't have Smart phones. Their is a way to download it and install it in your pc to enjoy this wonderful game in your Computer all the time. Their are two ways to download it and play in your computer. First method is to install android emulator and with the help of android emulator you can download and play this wonderful game in your computer and Second method is to install it with .EXE extension and you can play directly in your PC.

Features of Subway Surfers Game:

Download Subway Surfers For PC:

  • Download Android Emulator and I suggest you to go with Bluestacks which is my favorite.
  • Install it and then search for the Subway Surfers game on the search bar of the Bluestack.
  • You will find your favorite game Subway Surfers and Click on the Install button.
  • Subway Surfers will download and Install into your PC for the above action.
  • After the Subway Surfers Installs go to My Apps icon and click on Subway Surfers.
  • That it you can enjoy your loving favorite game Subway Surfers on your PC.
If You are facing any Problem regarding this Please let us know and we will help to resolve your problem. We will assist you to enjoy your wonderful game on your PC.

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Candy Crush Saga for PC/Laptop Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP and Mac)

Candy Crush Saga for PC is creating lot of buzz in android gaming world and Many people are playing this game in PC by downloading it. This game has 515 levels and each level will give you more interest to play next level which is followed by many bonus points with your play. You have to match three candies of same color to get points with a boost up and many people are playing this game offline and I will teach you how in this article.

Features of Candy Crush Game:

  • Easy to Play and Creates More Interest about next level.
  • 515 Levels which will make you to complete all the levels by taking it a challenge.
  • Ordinary Graphics with extra-ordinary movements.
  • Increasing in Bonus for Every Single Stage of the Game Level.
  • Speed Up boosts which will increase enthusiasm in you to play for long time.
  • Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version.
  • Best Leader boards for you and your friends.
  • New Items to be revealed on completion of current level.

Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download

  1. Find best Android Emulator to use and I suggest you Bluestack.
  2. Download it and Install it in your PC/Laptop.
  3. Search for Candy Crush Saga game with the help of search bar in bluestack.
  4. So you will find the Game and Download it and Install it with the help of Bluestack.
  5. Finally you have made it to play in your PC/Laptop.
  6. Now go to Bluestack and select Candy Crush Game and start playing your loving games in your PC.
  7. I Think this will really help you to play your other loving games. If have any doubts please comment and let us know about it to clarify your doubts.
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

How To Start Blogging as a Career (Secrets of So Called Bloggers,Pro-Bloggers,Content Makers, SEO Experts)

How to Start Blogging as full time Career to reach your goals (Fame, Money, Respect) . This Article will provide a good career path to newbies and I would like to share some important things and my experience with my fellow bloggers who are top bloggers in India.

I want to dedicate this article to the "God of Blogging" in India Mr. Amit Agarwal who owns I want to share the real things you need to know to start your full time career as a blogger. Many noob fellows offer blog coaching course and charge $100, $200, $250 per hour to teach ethics and basics which are available online for free, but these people don't follow them. Don't think you can start blogging if you have a domain name with blogger account or some hosting service to host your website. Blogging is a art of making content which is unique and genuine to guide or help some one online. This is why I respect Mr. Amit Agarwal as he creates genuine content with his experiments and knowledge and share on his website to help others. Do you think Amit Agarwal work on seo concepts like building backlinks, blog commenting, 3-tier backlinks, PBN (Private Blog Network) services for his website no, not at all. Because he creates fresh and genuine content with his experiments which would attract visitors like me, who wants to gain their knowledge. It force people to share his content on social sharing sites which will help to dominate SERP and boost authority to his site. His content makes people to give backlinks to his site which are organic. His content makes people to subscribe his news feed. His content makes people to stick to his website. Even his content forces(This is why bloggers say Content is King) google to rank on the top. So SEO is a common sense to create some good and unique content which force people to love, like, share our content. I follow many top blogger in India and around the world. But I feel Amit Agarwal is only the real God of Blogging in India. He is the real pro-blogger who follow ethics. He is the real personality to inspire youth to choose blogging as their full time career. I hesitate to speak about pro-bloggers like Harsh Agarwal and others as I don't love their content much. But I know Harsh Agarwal is the most inspiring personality among Indian bloggers as his decision(which involved in huge risk and may spoil his career) made him to sat on the top of the Indian Bloggers. I love his past as it inspires us that we can find success in our loving field.

               I don't want mention the noob fellow who use Bots for SEO and Follow Black Hat tricks and create spammers with their blog coaching and promote them self as a pro-bloggers. But I want to mention some of my facebook friends and best bloggers of the world who loves blogging and works with passion not for money, Tony John of, Ankit Singla of Why only them and why not others I don't say they are the real bloggers who work with passion and ethics but not others. Blogger dont reveal their secrets at all but their content shows their attitude and their social status shows other side of their coin. One of my friend wrote an article to reveal the real secrets of event niche blogging and he mentioned all the black hat tricks about the event niche which will leads many bloggers to change their attitude to become spammers in the terms of content and SEO. Then Tony John status opened my eye that we are here (Blogosphere) to not make money, we love blogging so we should respect our love to be a successful person. This is my experience with Tony John.

         After getting huge traffic for my event niche site as a spammer I want to promote my self as a blogger to get some fame. This thing worked well even though i don't know many things at that time (Learnt lot of things with my experiences as your life is the real teacher who teaches everything with your experiences). I came to know that Ankit Singla is interested to know about event niche blogging with his comments in some sites. I approached him that I will teach him everything he wants to know but in turn I asked him to work with me on my niche sites and to reveal his SEO strategies. He can say that he can't reveal his strategies but I got a response which clearly showed his Passion towards Blogging. He told me that Event niche blogging is not his cup of tea. This showed his intention that he is not willing to work with me and also exposed he is not here(Blogosphere) to make money but he wants to live as a blogger because he loves blogging.

So I revealed the real secrets(Attitude and Passion) of my friends and my inspiration(Amit Agarwal) which will makes us to choose blogging as a career, if we follow ethics and if we are passionate about Blogging. But only content cant play all the time as we are getting tough competition from the so called Pro-Bloggers(Cheaters) students(Spammers).

         So need to follow some good strategies to out rank our genuine content and to compete with our quality articles. I met an extra-ordinary personality who loves to share his knowledge and never hesitate to answer our doubts. He deserves much in the field of SEO and he already achieved great things and his clients are very much happy with his services. He creates some good techniques and tricks to out rank our competitors with out spamming the Internet world in terms of SEO. He is Mr. Satish Kumar of He owns a company called Pyrite Technologies in Hyderabad. He got clients all over the world and I have contacted him recently with for SEO related project for one of my friend who's away from India and he gave me complete details and his knowledge convinced me alot to hand over that project at any cost to him by convincing my friend. But my friend quoted a less price and even though I'm not sure about the project status I have good communication with him and he cleared all my doubts regarding SEO and found wonderful articles in which are unique and awesome to apply to out rank in SERP.
Mr. Satish Kumar is brand ambassador for Majestic SEO in India. I know he deserves that place as I found he is more passionate about SEO world and experimenting SEO tricks to help good content makers to outrank in SERP and to compete with Spammers.

How To Start Blogging as a Career:

Finally a blogger should be passionate on content making, content marketing, learning new things, writing with common sense and finally blogging should be followed with ethics not with greediness or laziness which leads us to become spammers and to join with the noob fellows. If you want to earn then do internet marketing don't involve in the field of blogging which will eventually makes you Failed Blogger(Quotes by my Friend Somesh Likhyani of One of my close friend Siddarth Bagga makes money from online with out blogging and wanted to establish his online entrepreneurship with I love his intention and straight forwardness that he wants to earn money not to become a spammer like other failed bloggers and he makes good money with affiliate sales.
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Sunday, 10 August 2014

How Authority Blogs Making $$$$ with Event Niches and Not Getting Penalized by Google

Hello Loyal Readers , I want to go with this case study because many bloggers and so called Pro-Bloggers are making $$$$ with their high authority blogs and bluffs that only authority matters to make $$$$ for event niches. Many newbies are asking me how they are making $$$$ with out good DA and PA and social status on their sites. They also asks me how they are not getting penalized by Google if they use black hat and bluffs they have huge authority. They also asks me how they are making $$$$ with low CPC and high CTR. To answer all these questions I have analyzed many bloggers blogs and contacted them and finally prepared the exact thing to reveal those secrets and this is not like a case study but more than a case study to know many things apart from SEO.

How these Authority Blogs/Sites Creating Content:

Hell with the content, we want some scrap to post with good keyword stuffing that's it. So lets make some good keyword research and check the good content which is already present on web and copy that wonderful content from 2-3 sites as they cannot claim DMCA as we have copied content from many sites. Thats how these content makers(Spammers) create content and feel like so Pro in the blogosphere.

 Now every one will have a question that if they copied the content then why they wont get penalized during the panda update. Let me explain you clearly, these content makers copy the content before 10 days of the event to their authoritive blogs or to their new EMD(Exact Match Domains) and they wont add these pages to their categories to not wast page rank juice they drive and they will delete that page or they will de-index that post from google by using webmaster tools. Most of the sites use de-index method because if they delete the page it show impact on their site during some new updates(because google penalize sites which have more errors like 404 page).

How they Build Backlinks/ Rank on SERP:

So, they are pro-bloggers so they will do many good seo tricks to rank on Google at the event time. You may ask me are you kidding?? yes I'm kidding. How can you think these great content spammers can make genuine tricks to rank on Google within less time. So what they will do?? Is it Tier 2? Is it Tier 3? Is it PBN?
Is it like hacking google and making their site to rank on the event day?? No, you people are expecting more from them. Think with common sense if they make spam content they will absolutely make spam links. So that's the reason many foreign clients are afraid in recent times to handover seo projects to Indians as they thinking Indians are not SEO experts they are spammers(Faced this type of clients and reviews from SEO experts from past one week). Finally they will spam the web like any thing to get backlinks with anchor text and they will buy site wide links to the exact page with keyword as anchor text and they will keep the backlinks list and I will tell you why. But now google started penalizing the spam links and EMD's but some sites ranking well on the top of serps with our proper alexa rank and if we ask them they say authority matters. Does authority matters??? Yes authority matters, these so called spammers made a group of spammers who are making the seo world TOUGH with their spamming. So Google found it and started penalizing those spammers site. But what about others who ranking on the top with proper alexa rank and bluffs authority matters. I will explain that very clearly. These bluffers gets backlinks from only Authority sites with proper keyword as anchor text to the event niche posts but not to their home page. Google loves links from these authority sites and will help them to rank on the top at the time of event. What is good Authority?? is it DA 15?? is it DA 25?? is it DA 35?? No its DA 40+. so get Sitewide links from those sites and dont care about the PR and you will find the fast way to rank and not get penalized at the time of event.

How they Make $$$$ at the Event Time:

These great seo experts and content makers will monetize their site with adsense. Thats it they make $$$$. Again you will ask me are you kidding me? Yes absolutely. They wont follow ethics in making content and backlinks then do you expect them to follow ethics in making money. Of course not, because they do everything for money, so they will monetize their sites(which are new)/ their event niche pages with floating ad / container ad  which can fetch them high CTR and its the time of event and the advertisers bids High so they can get good CPC of $0.25 and low CPC is $0.09 and they will have CTR of 12% and that's the thing they make $$$$ with just 1,00,000 page views. Is it right to go with this trick ?? According to me they have already spent good amount for authoritive site wide links so they have to do this thing to get ROI and it may be against adsense and ethics but from beginning you cannot see ethics, only hunger for money.

You are going to ask me now why they wont get penalized during other animal algorithms if they bought sitewide links. I already told you these people will keep the url links from where they bought links and where they have made backlinks and simply dis-avow them using webmasters and relax them selves with $$$$ as google will never consider or care those backlinks and already these people passed those authority to their home page with good template design. This is how people making money and bluffs they have huge authority event though they dnt have good alexa rank and social signals.

What about Ethics:

Go hell with Ethics, if you follow ethics you cant earn online, but if you follow ethics you will gain knowledge which will followed by huge Income. Even I tried this event niche blog with good mentors(World's Top Seo Company) techniques and got succeeded but my friend Somesh inspired me with his words to not become a spammer. He told me if you want to earn introduce your self as internet marketer, if you want to learn introduce your self as beginner and learner. Dont become a spammer which will eventually risks others work with your spamming. 

 To reveal these things against those spammers I have enough courage as this blog is not my main blog and its not my primary income insource. I run this blog for sharing knowledge and to gain authority thats it. I learned that if we respect our profession we will get Respect from our profession. If you ruin your ethics for easy $$$$ you will be ended up as a noob fellow ( Already faced and Experienced and Changed my Attitude and This is My Sincere Advice to the Spammers and Great Content Makers who call them self as Pro with their spamming).
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Sunday, 3 August 2014

How Does Your Page Rank Indicates SEO of your Site (Infographic)

We see many sites rank on the top of the google with good page rank and always bloggers want to increase their page rank and also their authority to drive organic traffic. Page rank of a website plays major role in driving traffic from search engines and I want to reveal the thing in a infographic way to my visitors to know how search engine actually works and see's a website based on their page rank.

                                                Now many people will come with a doubt that even though they have good page rank they cannot find huge organic traffic from search engines and I want to say that on page seo and good keyword research matters well to rank on SERP's with your page rank which you feel good. But really page rank matters in ranking and boosting the organic traffic for a website.
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